The Ultimate
Work-Life Platform

World-Class HRMS designed to streamline business processes and
effectively manage HR data, to help businesses grow sustainably.

Simple, yet powerful
and highly flexible

Humatrix is a highly configurable and adaptable platform,
suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries,
including Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare,
Restaurants, and Retail.


Human Resource Management System

Humatrix was designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in various industries.
The highly flexible HR Management platform's capabilities include:

Flexible HR

The Humatrix HRMS is highly configurable and adaptable to meet the requirements of organizations of all sizes and industries.

The system is suitable for mid-to-large corporations with complex Time & Shift requirements.

Security and
Data Integrity

Assign multi-level access rights to employee data and system functions.

All files and data are encrypted and securely connected to the database in accordance with the highest data security (ISMS) standards.

and Compliance

Humatrix is fully localized with its multi-currency and multi-language functionality forThailand, Singapore,and Malaysia.

The system is always kept up-to-date and fully complies with local statutory and regulatory requirements in each country.

Open Integration

Consolidate your various HR platforms into one single system with Humatrix HRMS.

Humatrix is equipped with pre-built integrations to other HR Solutions through our secure API and Humatrix Utility Gateway applications.


Thailand's Leading
HR Management System

Humatrix HR Management System (HRMS) is Humanica's award-winning flagship HR software.

A highly flexible platform, Humatrix was developed by our team of specialists with over 20 years of experience in the HR technology and service industry.

A modern solution designed to meet the requirements of modern day HR Management and Development.


Why Choose Humatrix HRMS
By Humanica?

Humatrix HRMS is a preferred choice for various leading organizations in Asia due to its ability to simplify the HR Management process for organizations with complex needs.

Choosing the right HR software will help streamline operations and reduce internal resources, to promote a lean approach for the organization, and improve work efficiency.

Advantages of Humatrix HRIS system

Personnel Data

Humatrix HRMS helps manage personnel information systematically in a consolidated database.

A powerful system that promotes efficiency and productivity for users in the organization.

Highly stable
and secure

Confidential and sensitive data is stored securely with the highest Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) standards.

Humanica has been certified with ISO 27001 since 2021.

HR Digital

Digitalize your traditional HR process with Humatrix and transform your organization’s HR Management.

The powerful HRMS will help reduce manual and time-intensive tasks to create a more efficient working environment.

Planning and
analyzing data

Humatrix will help plan and analyze personnel data to improve your organization’s Human Resource Man- agement efficiency.

Make informed decisions and see the bigger picture.

Self-Service System

Enhance the employee experience with Humatrix’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) function.

Employees can access the system from any preferred platform to create and process transactions with ease.

> > Read More About ESS
Flexible and Highly
Capable HRMS

Humatrix is flexible and allows for a wide range of customization.

The HRMS system functionalities are capable of meeting the most complex needs of any organization, in any industry, and of any size.

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