HRMS Functionality For Individual
Employee Transactions & Approval

Humanica, Thailand's Leading Provider
of Desktop and Mobile ESS Systems

As a leading HR Solutions provider with more than 20 years of experience in developing HR Softwares, our ESS capabilities have been designed, developed, and tailored for the best desktop and mobile user experience.


Streamlined HR Management
with Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-service (ESS) is a key feature within our HR Management System (HRMS) that supports HR-related transactions and improves the overall employee experience.

With ESS, employees gain convenient access to information with the ability to individuall process and manage transactions instantly through the Humatrix mobile application and website.

Employees can also gain swift feedback and approval on every ESS transaction they make, as Humatrix will immediately send out alerts and notifications to all related personnel as soon as the transaction is processed.

Capabilities of the Humatrix ESS

Employee Self-Service, a powerful feature enabling greater convenience and enhanced employee experience.

Employee Onboarding
ESS helps new employees embrace the organization’s culture, Core Values, Mission & Vision, as well as onboard newjoiners without the need for a physical orientation session.
Manage Time & Leave In Advance
Employees can manage their time through the Humatrix ESS function, including clocking in & out, leave & overtime requests, and shifts management. Employees can view their requests and status securely and in real-time.
Employee Profile
Employees can personally edit and update their personal information, allowing for easy access to the most up-to-date employee information whenever necessary.
Benefits, Benefits Enrollment,
and Claims Reimbursement
Flexi-Benefits Enrollment can be completed via mobile, and the ESS Claims feature makes it easier for employees to upload documents with their claim requests, simplifying the Claims process from Employees to Supervisors and the HR Department.
Employee Training and E-Learning
Unlock employee potential and increase talent development with the Learning Management Systems, complete with content libraries from Humanica’s network of leading content partners.
Payroll Data & Payslip Request
Employees can manage and view E-Payslips, Tax Statements, Withholding Tax, and view Payroll Information, all through the ESS system.
Leave Requests and Management
Show leave balance & allow employees to send a leave request online. HR can customize leave types based on their policy, receive notifications, and process requests instantly.
Performance Management
Employees can set objectives and KPIs together with superiors, conduct self-appraisals, review year-end appraisals, complete their competency evaluation, and receive 360 degree feedback through the ESS system.
Document Request
HR documents request function helps streamline the documents request process, saving time & cost with an online workflow, granting approvals instantly, and reducing paperwork.
Internal Employee Surveys
Increase employee experience and engagement through employee surveys on the platform. HR can set surveys for internal activity and utilize survey responses for further action.

Exceptional ESS Service by HUMANICA

Enhance Employee

The Humatrix ecosystem offers end-to-end modules and its ESS capabilities are designed to enhance the employee experience within the centralized platform.

and Mobile Friendly

Humatrix is easily accessible from any device, through a web browser or mobile application, and employees can access the platform anywhere & anytime.

Accurate Time Attendance
Tracking & Payroll

Integration of time attendance and payroll data in Humatrix simplifies the complex payroll process, eliminating errors, and ensuring payroll accuracy.

Save Valuable Time
and Cost

Save valuable time and cost by reducing redundant administrative burdens, and spend them on tasks and initiatives that create higher value for the organization.

Security and

Humanica, certified by ISO 27001 in ISMS, ensures the highest level of data security for our clients and their employees’ information.

Employer Branding

Humatrix’s modern ESS design helps create an impressive impression for employees, from when they onboard with us, through to their daily professional routune.

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