HUMANICA’s building is awarded the “LEED Gold” from SCG Building and Living Care Consulting

SCG Building and Living Care Consulting presents the “LEED Gold” award to Pathumwan Office Limited for their efforts in obtaining green building approval for HUMANICA’s building. The structure was Thailand’s first to receive LEED V4 BD+C: Core and Shell certification.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building rating system used all over the world. The system serves as a design guideline for the construction of buildings that provide a safe and healthy environment while being environmentally friendly and conserving resources.

The executive management of HUMANICA has recognized the importance of choosing a green building as an establishment to reflect the organization’s attitude. The emphasis on efficient building management while keeping standards and the environment in mind results in a long-term partnership with Pathumwan Office Limited.

Despite limited building space in the city center, the company was still able to achieve the “green building standard award”. The management was successful in lowering the building’s energy consumption while preserving its environmental aspect. Employee satisfaction rises as the working environment improves, and the availability of sufficient green space benefits both employees and neighboring communities.

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