HUMANICA Partners with Rabbit Group & AEON to Establish “RABBIT CASH”

29 March, 2021

HUMANICA partners with Rabbit Group & AEON to Establish “RABBIT CASH”, a Digital Lending platform for Employees and Small Businesses in need of loans.

On March 29th, Humanica joined forces with Rabbit Group and AEON to launch Rabbit Cash Limited. From the foresight that Thai people were especially prone to being in debt, mainly due to the lack of access or eligibility to higher quality loans with lower and more manageable interest rates.

Moreover, in an era where digital disruption has had a massive impact on people’s everyday lives, there is an increasing demand for instant loans for small businesses to use as investments or as support during difficult conditions like COVID-19.

“Rabbit Cash” is a digital lending platform intended to provide these loans at the touch of the fingertips, allowing small business owners and corporate employees to conveniently access quality loans instantly and digitally.

The unique proposition of this Joint Venture is further reinforced by the strengths of each partner. Rabbit Group, with their profound experience and strength in digital technologies, AEON, a leading market player in the cash loan services, and Humanica, a leader provider of People Solutions in Thailand.

Initially, the JV will offer loans to employees at low interest rates, focusing on Humanica Group’s employees. This is made possible through the use of alternative data as factors to be considered for credit and fund approval.

This includes data that points to lifestyle preferences, ways of living, and monthly expenses, which are all used to calculate a suitable loan amount and the interest rate for the loan applicant. This leads to creating a lending landscape that is not only easy to access, but also secure and reliable for those in need.

It is important to mention that the Joint Venture will have received full consent to use, process, and analyze this type of data from all loan applicants during the application process.

In any other cases personal data will never be used in any way, shape, or form, unless the participants are fully aware and have given their full consent.

With Data Security being a top priority for Humanica, we as a company remain fully compliant with the upcoming PDPA regulations.

Rabbit Cash is expected to launch its full range of services to employees and small businesses in the second half of 2021, to take on driving sustainable growth for people, businesses, and the Thai economy.

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