HUMANICA Partners with AIS Academy to Launch “LearnDi”, a Digital Learning Platform for Thai People

2 April, 2021

HUMANICA partners with AIS Academy to launch LearnDi, a digital learning platform aimed at providing easily-accessible education to Thai people. LearnDi utilizes the strengths of partnerships in creating a holistic platform that is capable of meeting the needs of all types of consumers. Each partner in LearnDi, Humanica, Invent, SEAC, Conicle, NEO Academy, Beyond Training and Dr A to Z, brings their strengths in their respective fields, whether it be in the Platform, Content, or as Strategic Business Partners.

This EdTech (Education Technology) hopes to make this learning experience as accessible to Thai people as possible, designing the platform with a mobile-first approach. This ensures that Thai people will get the option to learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Assessment functions are a key feature that will also help consumers map out a learning roadmap that best suits their interests or career paths.

Most importantly, LearnDi shares Humanica’s vision of giving back to society, and therefore has set the pricing to be as approachable as possible.

This will ensure that consumers get the highest quality contents from leading content providers, with roadmaps that are personalized and most suitable to their current needs, and are available at affordable rates for Thai people.

#AIS #Humanica #LearnDi #DigitalLearningPlatform

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