Considerations Before Returning to the Office Routine

With increasing levels of COVID-19 vaccinations and the improving COVID situation, companies are beginning to plan for their employees’ return to the office. After a long period of working from home, there are a few key considerations before a return to working on-site, or even for adopting a hybrid workplace model.

However, before employees can work and collaborate in the office space again, companies need to make their employees’ safety and security concerns the highest priority. This begins with the facilities which are essential to building employees’ confidence when returning to the office.

Office Reopening Preparation & Employee Experience Enhancement Through the Highest Safety Measures

1) Implement Touch-free Office Access Control

The entrance to a company is one of the most commonly used areas. Companies should therefore consider using doors that can be operated hands-free contact, without the need to push or pull, for example, foot-operated door handles or a turnstile system that opens automatically with a face scanning system, or other methods that do not require direct contact with shared surfaces.

Similarly for elevators, companies should consider switching to proximity sensor buttons integrated with an access control system to enable touchless floor selection, and to open and close the elevator doors. This is to prepare a safer environment for employees during the Covid-19 situation, to build confidence, and to create a positive employee experience from their first step back into the office.

2) Enhance Body Temperature Measurement Practice

Consider improving the safety measures for temperature check points for people entering the organization. The majority of places will have staff positioned at these entry points to manually and individually measure each visitor’s temperature with a thermometer device. This way not only increases unnecessary workload is also a slower method for their employees, but also places these staff at higher risk of infection.

Accordingly, companies should consider the use of thermal imaging infrared cameras, measuring people with a faster and more accurate screening process, to detect risks instantly. These thermal imaging infrared cameras today can screen a large number of people at the same time, making this security screening process more convenient and efficient.

Some temperature measurement models also integrate with time attendance devices such as face scanning, which is called Face Recognition Temperature, and can be integrated into the access control system.

3) Reduce the Office Density by Split Team Arrangements

Split team arrangements for remote and on-site work can help reduce the population density at work and in common spaces. In addition to increasing confidence in office safety, it can also support the mental wellbeing of employees, by allowing safe physical interaction with colleagues, whilst also ensuring the right balance of remote working.

A split-team model to consider is the Team A / B working model, with one team working on-site and the other working remotely each week, before switching arrangements in the following week. It allows the organization to control and sanitize the working areas, increase social distancing measures, and more effective control risk from the reduced density of office space usage.

With the COVID-19 situation still being a major threat for the foreseeable future, each company has to maintain its health measures and employee safety at the highest level. Companies must build confidence amongst employees by creating a safe and comfortable working environment, utilizing modern hardware solutions for more efficient operations.

This will also create a positive employee experience for the entire organization in preparing and managing a safe office for employees as well as strictly maintaining security and safety measures throughout the organization.

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