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End-to-End HR and Financial Solutions Provider
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With our world-class technologies and service experience, we are
capable of delivering highly customized solutions that meet our clients'
needs and requirements.



Humanica is a leading HR and Financial solutions provider in Thailand, helping clients transform their business operations with cutting-edge technology and quality service.

We have been pioneering the Human Resources Management industry in Thailand with our flagship HR Management software, Humatrix, and high quality Payroll Outsourcing with multi-country operations in Asia.

We also help businesses ease the complex implementation process for world-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Humanica is the leading reseller of SAP Business One and Oracle NetSuite in Thailand, two of the world's best ERP Systems.

Humanica is certified as an SAP Gold Partner, and is currently the longest-serving partner in Thailand with this certification. Our team of experts have over 30 years of experience and over 300 success- ful cases of ERP implementation.


Why Choose HUMANICA?

As a leader with long-term expertise with HR technology and ERP systems, we have developed an efficient and accurate practice in our implementation process. With our localization experience, we ensure total compliance with the laws and regulations of every country we operate in.

This makes Humanica a one-stop HR and ERP technology solutions provider, capable of also providing quality payroll and accounting outsourcing services.

End-To-End Solutions
Experts in Local
Statutory Compliance
Prompt Service
with Accurate Results
Precise and

The Leading HR & Financial
Solutions Provider in South East Asia

Years Experience
in the HR industry
in Asia
Clients who trust
in our services
Under our care

Our Services

Explore Humanica’s Business Solutions for the modern day organization, from end-to-end HR Management Solutions to Finance and Accounting Solutions. Our specialized services are designed to meet your business needs, allow you to focus on your core business and grow sustainably.

Human Resource (HR) Solutions
Discover our industry-leading HR Solutions. Developed based on client insights and needs, our HR Solutions serves clients of all businesses sizes and industries.
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
Explore our powerful ERP softwares and one-stop implementation services. Grow your business effectively and stay ahead of the competition.
Read More
Finance & Accounting Services
A unique bundle of services designed to help companies outsource their tedious back office process and tasks, easing their administrative pains.
Read More

Business Solutions Tailored
To Your Unique Requirements

Humanica will analyze your needs and design our services to meet them. Our team of experts will ensure that you receive a tailor-made solution suitable for your business' HR and Financial needs.

In combination with our world-class software solutions, we are committed to simplifying tasks and transforming your business processes, enabling you to scale and grow efficiently


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